Tattoos for men, which are the most beautiful tattoos

Looking for an idea for a tattoo for men? Here are so many ideas to find the perfect male tattoo!

If female tattoos are a relatively recent “fashion”, men have been decorating their bodies for some time, even though once the tattoos were almost always reserved for particular categories and not always well seen by society

Today men and women both tattoo themselves without fear of being marginalized, but often the male preferences regarding tattoos are different from those of women: in general, men’s tattoos are larger, in more visible and less colored areas.

Tattoos for men, which are the most beautiful tattoos

Ideas for male tattoos:

We said that for their tattoos men prefer large subjects in spacious areas of the body such as the chest or back. This is because often men decorating their bodies want to give an idea of ​​courage and strength, in short, they want to feel virile and a bit of “modern warriors” like the Maori.

And indeed the Maori tattoos and the tribal ones, in general, are among the favorite designs of men. A contemporary warrior who preferred to explore tattoos from other cultures could be inspired by pre-Columbian civilizations and choose the eagle, a symbol that embodied strength and power among the Inca and Aztecs. A religious man, or who in any case feels he has a spiritual vein, can choose the symbol of faith in the afterlife, or the sun.

A man who wanted to communicate to the world his feeling of being a true force of nature, powerful and virile, that in short wanted to mark the territory could choose the animal that best embodies these qualities in the imagination, the only king of the savannah: a roaring lion .

Wise, wise, at times ruthless: these are the characteristics of the dragon, a subject much loved by men who like to tattoo the typical designs of the far East civilizations on their bodies. Among the oriental tattoos, and especially Japanese, the tiger, samurai, geishas and koi carp, a symbol of courage, are very successful among men.

Those who prefer the styles of the western tradition can turn to a tattooist who specializes in old school tattoos, a style born in the United States in the early twentieth century and that revisits the typical subjects of seafaring tattoos. Anchors, swallows, pin-ups and playing cards are the classic subjects of the old school that has spread from the sub-cultures to the mainstream becoming one of the most popular styles.

Male tattoos: the areas preferred by men

If women seem to prefer the nape, wrists, feet and ankles, in short, areas of the body more suitable for small and delicate tattoos , men prefer larger areas for large and often complex tattoos.

Male tattoos on the arm

The arm is undoubtedly the part of the body preferred by men for their tattoos, both when it comes to single designs and when the tattoo extends towards the forearm and shoulder, to reach the chest in some cases or stretch out on the back .

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