Small female tattoos: what do they mean?

Flakes, flowers, feathers … What do the most common tattoos mean? Take a look to find out what your favorite design symbolizes!

Tiny, almost microscopic. Some women’s tattoos are just like that, little ones. But what do they mean? With sentences and writing everything is clearer and more direct, but if you are thinking of getting yourself a small tattoo and you are not sure what you are symbolizing, or simply want to check that the meaning you give to the design you have chosen corresponds to the most common one, read on to find out what the most popular small female tattoos mean at Pinoy Channel.

Small female tattoos: what do they mean?

The meaning of the infinity tattoo

The “lying” eight symbolizing the infinite is born in mathematics, but its subtle and delicate aspect has made it one of the most loved symbols for small women’s tattoos. Its meaning refers to something that will last forever, be it love for a child, for parents, for a partner.

The meaning of the feather tattoo

Light and able to fly in the wind, the feather tattoo can mean the ability to overcome obstacles lightly or even freedom, the desire to break away from something that kept us anchored and fixed in our place.

The design of the feather can acquire the meaning of wisdom if we refer to the Native Americans, or of royalty and beauty if we choose to tattoo the peacock feather, the bird that most resembles the phoenix, the mythological creature that is reborn from its own ashes. And in the latter case, the feather tattoo takes on the meaning of a rebirth .

The meaning of the tattoo still

The tattoo with the anchor symbol can take on different meanings. It’s security because the anchor allows the ship to stay in the port. It is salvation because “the lifeline” was the extreme hope to which to cling if necessary.

The anchor is also stability, the fixed point around which life and events revolve. And, again, it can mean hope.

The meaning of the butterfly tattoo

Colorful and fluttering, the butterfly in its most immediate meaning can symbolize lightness in Pinoy TV.

A less immediate meaning of the tattoo with the butterfly is that of the metamorphosis and the rebirth , of the caterpillar that breaks its cocoon to make a beautiful butterfly emerge.

The meaning of flake tattoo

Graceful and feminine like that of the butterfly, the staple tattoo , beyond its affected aspect, symbolizes a bond that is stronger the closer the knot that helps it to maintain its shape.

The meaning of the flower tattoo

Tattooing a flower can take many meanings, especially if we refer to the traditional language of flowers. A rose tattoo , for example, can symbolize beauty , elegance and love. The lily will be purity and innocence .

Tattooing an orchid will talk about passion and mystery, the peach blossom will tell a refined elegance .

The poppy tattoo will take on different meanings depending on the color: the classic red symbolizes simplicity or oblivion (the sleep god Morpheus was traditionally depicted with a bouquet of poppies in his hand), the yellow poppy is a symbol of wealth, the white consolation and the pink serenity.

The anthurium flower , with its heart shape , will evoke love as well as the tulip , which is a symbol of perfect and disinterested love . The purple is humility, Daisy the truth, tattooing an iris invoke wisdom and trust, a sterlizia nobility.

A tattoo in the shape of a calla , with its essential and elegant appearance, will send a message of love and purity while the peony will be a wish of good luck.

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