Female tattoos: which part of the body to tattoo

Tattoos are now fully cleared, but if you’re curious to find out which parts of the body are more beautiful and feminine for a tattoo, read on!

Sexy and intriguing, tattoos have been completely cleared for many years and almost no one is surprised by a permanently decorated body. But what are women’s favorite tattoos and what are the sexiest body parts for female tattoos? Let’s find out!

Female tattoos: which part of the body to tattoo

Sexy woman tattoos on the neck

On the neck, on the nape or behind the ear, the back of the skull is one of the sexiest and feminine areas for a tattoo. Simple to hide by dissolving the hair or to camouflage wearing a shirt or a scarf, the neck is the ideal area for small tattoos, both for the more ethereal and stylized ones and for the cheerful and colorful ones.

Those who love to dare can choose, instead, a tattoo that sinuously follows the line of the neck to continue on the shoulder and along the armor, if you are not afraid of pain or any repentance, a tattoo that surrounds the whole area, almost a permanent necklace.

The disadvantages? The neck is a delicate area rich in nerve endings, so the execution of the tattoo could be quite painful. and you want to watch Pinoy Tv Shows.

Sexy woman tattoos on her back

From Angelina Jolie to Rihanna, the back is one of the favorite places for actresses, singers, and celebrities to show off tattoos. It will be because from the neck to the lower backspace is perfect to give vent to the imagination, or because a back-tattoo is able to give extra charm and sensuality, no matter the reason but the back remains one of the favorite women’s body points for their tattoos.

Quotations, tribal subjects, mandalas, or even more delicate and feminine designs such as flowers and butterflies, the tattoo on the back has the undisputed advantage of being well hidden from our e

yes, minimizing the chances of repentance to games already made.

Sexy woman tattoos on her arms

On the armor on the forearm, inside or outside, on the wrist or in the lower part of the shoulder: the arms are one of the most loved parts for women’s tattoos thanks to their versatility. Suitable for small designs such as letters, single words or other mini subjects, the arms also lend themselves well to larger tattoos in both width and length.

Easy to hide with the sleeves of a sweater or a shirt at Pinoy Channel Tambayan, the tattoo on the arm also has the indisputable advantage of being relatively painless.

Sexy woman tattoos on ankle

The ankle tattoo is one of the most feminine, sensual and discreet at the same time. Covered throughout the winter, it reveals itself during the hot season when we remove the stockings and finally wear the sandals.

This area of ​​the body lends itself well to small and very small designs, but it is sexy and subtly provocative even with a tattoo that climbs up the calf or makes its way to the foot, or even when it becomes perpetually decorated by a bracelet tattoo, almost a jewel engraved on the skin.

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